Ships at anchor waiting to unload in Singapore

Ships at anchor waiting to unload in Singapore

Keeping the Malacca and Singapore Straits Safe

Since the historic funders of the separation scheme in the Malacca and Singapore Straits gave notice that they would scale back, IFAN has been supporting the funding of a programme put in place by three littoral states to renovate and continue maintenance of the aids to navigation marking the traffic separation channels.

At an International Maritime Organisation (IMO) conference on the Straits held in Kuala Lumpur in September 2006, it was proposed that a Malacca Straits Fund be established, with user states contributing on a voluntary basis to the navigational safety and marine environmental protection of the Straits. IFAN agreed to provide $1m per year to maintain funding during the withdrawal process of the previous main funder.

Six projects that could be funded by littoral states were tabled by Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. These included wreck removal; building capacity to respond to hazardous incidents; a demonstration project for Automatic Identification system transponders on small ships; setting up a tide, current and management system; replacement and maintenance of navigational aids as well as replacement of those damaged by the 2004 tsunami.

In order to support these initiatives, IFAN continues to provide vital funding and dissemination of knowledge with a particular emphasis on the improvement and maintenance of nav aids vital to the Strait - one of the world's busiest chokepoint waterways.

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